Here are some of our favorite examples of third-party mobile app developers that are using NODE+ interchangeable sensor modules for work, play, and education:


More possibilities are waiting to be discovered, thus paving the way for entrepreneurial opportunities – and pre-existing apps are encouraged to integrate with NODE+™ for this competition.

Here are just a few examples of apps that could be built:

  1. Customizable Doorbell: It sounds like a doorbell when a door is knocked where there’s a NODE+ hanging.
  2. Morse code flashlight & translator: A game that uses NODE+luma and NODE+clima to send and receive light messages.
  3. Compass: An app that could reveal the direction where it is being pointed using NODE+motion.
  4. Pedometer: An app for NODE+motion when a walker doesn’t feel like carrying their smart device.
  5. Photography Light Meter: A light meter using NODE+clima to help photographers take better pictures.
  6. Auxiliary Home Alert System: An app that notifies you whenever someone enters into a room using NODE+motion.
  7. Auxiliary Smoke Detector: An app that uses NODE+oxa sensors to simulate a smoke detector for educational use.
  8. Sleep Monitor: An app that monitors sleep movement with NODE+motion.
  9. Vibration Analysis Monitor: An app that monitors vibrations from rotational equipment using NODE+motion.
  10. Leveler: An app that uses NODE+motion as a leveler for home and construction use. 

Additionally, there literally hundreds of mobile apps out that would be perfect for integrating with NODE+ sensor functionality!

Click the infographic to your right to learn more about both current and in-development use cases for NODE+™ sensors!